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Virtual Sales & Entrepreneur Training Platform
6-Week Business Deep Dive 

How many times a day or a week do you say,

“I need a system for that?”

We have established five pillars that all advisors must possess to be successful in their business






A plan should be “easy on paper” and your business should almost be “boring” if you have the right structures in place.

However, 95% of salespeople have at least one of the following missing structures in their business:

  • Time Management
  • Follow-Up
  • Database Management
  • ​Digital Marketing
  • Scalability
  • ​Work-Life Balance
  • ​Prospecting
  • Close-Ratio
  • Referral Strategy
  • ​Unique Value Proposition
  • ​Referral Systems
  • ​and much more

During this 6-Week Virtual Training Course we’ll hold you accountable to building out the following systems with you.

Pre-Program (Bus Dev Deep Dive)

90-Day Business Plan

• 5-Habits Overview
• Business Autopsy
• Missing Structures

1-hour (at your own pace)

Pre-Program (Bus Dev Deep Dive)

90-Day Sales Plan

• Personal Autopsy
• Set a 90-Day Sales Focus
• Database Management

1-hour (at your own pace)

Pre-Program (Bus Dev Deep Dive)

90-Day Marketing Plan

• Person of Influence System
• Brand Awareness / Reach / Engagement
• Digital Marketing Benchmarks

1-hour (at your own pace)

Week 0

Time-Block & Database Management System

30-minutes (at your own pace)

Week 1

Unique Belief & Value Proposition System

30-minutes (at your own pace)

Week 2

Proactive Prospecting Selling System

30-minutes (at your own pace)

Week 3

Fight Club Follow-Up System

30-minutes (at your own pace)

Week 4

New Client Onboard System

30-minutes (at your own pace)

Week 5

Influencer Marketing System

30-minutes (at your own pace)

What’s included with my purchase?

  • 6-Weeks of Virtual Training
  • ​3-Hours of Business Deep-Dive
  • ​Solopreneur Survival Guide
  • 90-Day Sales Planner
  • Business Development Workbook
  • ​Weekly Live Q&A Sessions
  • ​Private Facebook Group
  • ​Coach-on-Call (Online Chat)
  • ​(BONUS) Sales Scoreboard & CRM

This program is a NO-BRAINER for this much value!

Meet Your Experts

Bruce Lund

Expertise: Systems

Joey Abdullah

Expertise: Mindset

Ian Bennett

Expertise: Mindset

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See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
I highly recommend Business Mastery to anyone in the mortgage industry looking for accountability, structure, and a kick start for your business.
I was nominated for Fairway's Rookie of the Year in 2018, and I attribute this program to my success! Completing the program allowed me to develop a strong selling system and provided me with the tools to keep me on track throughout the year. I am over year out of the program, and I continue to order the sales planner to keep myself accountable everyday.
Shelby Barrett
This program is like no other that I’ve tried. Bruce is helping create the consummate sales professional! So many programs talk about the accountability piece, this one delivers. Business Mastery helps you design YOUR everyday life for success in any sales environment. This program is great for everyone but be prepared to do the work.
Ryan Liebelt
This program was definitely a game changer for me. Over the course of the program, good habits were put into place, my days became very organized, and my business was structured, and my mindset was changed as well. This program definitely helped my business, helped me as a professional - and all in all helped me reach my goal of becoming a top producer!
Galina Solonenko
I took Business Mastery and am having the best quarter of my career! Bruce lays out detailed strategies and arms you with the tools to implement them immediately. From the sales techniques that allow you to "gamify" your daily activities, to the follow up process with clients once they are in your "Fight Club," there is no better program to jump start your career!
Todd Barrett
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